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Choosing the right finish can make your floor SHINE.

Choosing Hurford Wholesale high quality solid hardwood flooring is an important step to having a beautiful floor installed in your home.

BUT choosing what finish is applied on top of it can make all the difference to the look and feel.

Finish choices are developing at a rapid pace and products that give  a more natural deep earthly tone are becoming popular.

The example shows 2 panels of Sydney Blue Gum with alternate finishes applied.

A water based finish gives a lighter appearance, whereas an oil type finish brings out a deeper darker tone.

These examples are only indicative, they show the deep richness that can be achieved depending upon the finish that is applied.

Blue Gum with Water Based Finish

Blue Gum with Oil Based Finish

At Hurfords we provide free pre-install flooring support to our customers. Our Lead Installation, Sanding & Finishing Instructor, Tony Powell, can help with technical information and assistance on pre-site assessment, installation guidelines and the general use of Hurford Flooring products.