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Hurford’s has introduced a flooring range derived exclusively from Certified Hardwood Plantations.

GreenTree Flooring is 100% plantation hardwood that not only helps to protect the planet, it creates highly sort after aesthetic flooring with a very unique, rustic look and with an abundance of pure natural feature.

Bring a natural look to your floor…

GreenTree flooring offers a unique rustic look and feel encapsulating the true feeling of the Australian Bush. Each feature represents a period of time that the forest has gone through, whether it is the dense tight grain caused by drought, or dark rouged gum veins caused by scorching wildfires, these features are a chronicle of the history of your floor. No two GreenTree floors are ever the same; yours will be an individual, original hardwood floor, with an abundance of natural beauty.

GreenTree Flooring and the Environment…

The Resource:
Hurford Hardwood has invested in enormous areas of farm land that it is replanting with local hardwoods to create a sustainable resource that will be available for flooring production for many years to come. In addition to this Hurford Hardwood has access to other private and government hardwood plantations that it uses for the production of GreenTree Flooring. So when you use GreenTree flooring, you are guaranteed that the resource is helping the environment. A percentage of the profits from the sale of GreenTree Flooring are being invested into the further creation of hardwood plantations, lessening the need to harvest naturally grow native forests.

Carbon Sink:
Hardwood acts as a carbon sink, absorbing up to 1 tonne of carbon for every cubic metre of growth, while expelling ¾ of a tonne of Oxygen at the same time. Once harvested the carbon is locked in to hardwood making it the lowest carbon emitting building product available.

Wasted generated from the production of GreenTree Flooring is then used as a Biofuel in a local co-generation plant. This waste results in a carbon neutral substitute for fossil fuel energy.

GreenTree Flooring available in the following products:

  • Ultra10 – 86mm x 10mm. A good, economic use of the timber ensuring maximum usage of the resource.
  • Fourteen – 83mm x14mm, 130mm x 14mm & 180mm x 14mm. For secret nailing wide board applications over a solid subfloor.
  • Traditional 19mm – 80mm x 19mm & 130mm x 19mm. For installation over traditional bearers and joists.

GreenTree Downloads

Brochure: GreenTree Brochure

Downloads about Overlay and Tongue & Groove Solid Floors:

C O L O U R S :



A straw through to blonde blend with a hint of honey tones.

A light to medium red, with pronounced grain patterns and highlighting features.

At Hurfords we provide free pre-install flooring support to our customers. Our Lead Installation, Sanding & Finishing Instructor, Tony Powell, can help with technical information and assistance on pre-site assessment, installation guidelines and the general use of Hurford Flooring products.